Introduction and Wishlist

Hey everyone! I’m really excited for this new blog of mine! 

I’m Becky, and I’ve decided to make a blog where I can review and share my thoughts about European lingerie. I have tried many different bras and brands lately, and I have a good idea of what does and doesn’t work for me. At the moment I am between a size 28G and 28GG, but I usually prefer to scale up to a size 30 band. I have projected full on the bottom breasts with wide roots.

Just so everyone can have an idea of what my style is like, here’s my current lingerie wishlist! 
I’m lusting after this Miss Mandalay Paige set. I love the sheer cups and punchy color, plus the bottoms are adorable!

  Ewa Michalak’s Lawenda is drop dead gorgeous. I love the half cup design and pretty embroidery. 

  I’m a big fan of Bravissimo’s Wild at Heart plunge bra, and the Satine style has the same shape but it comes in this awesome cobalt color.   

Ever since I’ve tried on the Fantasie Sussanah in store I’ve been unable to get it off my mind. It fits great, and I love its delicate feminine lace and colors. 

  Bravissimo’s Lyra set has a really pretty print and a unique color. I haven’t seen to many other bras is this sort of baby blue color. It’s girly and youthful but not too kiddy if you know what I mean.

So you can probably see that my personal tastes lean more towards the young and girly. My day to day style of dress is pretty tomboyish, but I don’t like my lingerie to be the same.  

I’ll be starting reviews very soon! I hope you stick around and enjoy them!



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