Claudette Dessous Review

My first bra review! How exciting. 

Just today I got my mauve Claudette Dessous in the mail. I chose to go up to a 30G in the Dessous because the measurements and reviews on bratabase led me to believe this bra runs small in the cups. I think it was a good decision, and I would say this style runs small in the cups. I would’ve preferred a 28GG but Claudette only goes up to g cups, which is a bummer. 

Pretty right? It’s a very nice design. I love the contrast of the navy trim with the purple. The cup has three parts, one upper section and left and right bottom halves seperated by seams. The upper section is more sheer than the bottom sections. And look!  

Three hooks! It really adds support.   Close up of the adorable bow.   

The material is made up of this sheer netting. It’s not a very soft material but you can’t really feel it when it’s on. 

Here’s a fit picture. 

 You can see there’s some wrinkling on the sides because this bra is just a touch too big. The next size down is a full .7 inches smaller in the cup though, it definitely would’ve been too small. 

Also this bra is a lot more sheer than I thought. The top section is almost completely see through. The part of my nipples that crosses the horizontal seam is clearly visible, hence the cotton pads.    

 The sides of this bra reach very far up. I’ve never owned a bra whose cups are so tall. Luckily the plunging v of this cut makes it easier to wear under shirts with low necklines. I’m not really sure of the benefits of such tall sides (maybe extra side support?) but they aren’t really a problem either. 

This bra offers some really great support. The three sections are great for keeping my breasts in place and uplifted. It’s really impressive in that aspect.   I wouldn’t recommend this style if you have a lot of upper fullness, as the upper section of trimming goes in tight and is pretty closed off. I’d also like to point out that I have projected breasts and this bra suits that shape best. 

One problem I have with this bra is that the cups are very wide. I have a wide root and the sides of this bra still cut in too close to my armpits. The fabric irritates the inside of my upper arm when it’s caught in between it and my chest. It’s annoying and uncomfortable. 

Another problem I have is with the band. I love the three clasps, but it runs a bit big. I usually prefer 30 bands even though I measure a 28, but this band was definitely larger and stretchier than usual. It’s really annoying because they don’t make GG cups, and I know that a 28GG would be perfect. A too big band and cup sizes only up to a g really limits the amount of people this bra will fit. 

Here are some pictures I took of the Claudette Dessous under a tank top.  

   I’m not wearing the makeshift nipple covers in these pictures and they are visible dark spots, which isn’t ideal. The seams aren’t bad though, and the shape is uplifted but also minimalized.

I love the attractive design and the support this bra gives me, but the too big band and too wide cups keeps this bra from being a new staple in my collection.



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