Panache Envy Review

Hello everyone! I’m back (it’s been forever, I know) with another review, this time of the very popular Panache Envy! 
My Envy is a black size 30FF. Let’s take a look! 

Check out that houndstooth!

The panache Envy is a full cup bra with all over stretch lace. The bottom half of the cup is reinforced/lined stretch lace and the upper half is not. The stretch lace, especially the non-reinforced upper cup means several things for this bra. 

First of all, stretch lace disguises fit issues. It doesn’t cut in if you are full on top and doesn’t gape if you’re full on bottom. It contours to your breast shape naturally. 

Secondly, it means that this bra is very comfortable! The lace is nice and soft. This is probably my most comfortable bra!

But third, it means that it doesn’t have as much support as say, a bra made of laminate fabric like the panache jasmine. The shape from the side is relaxed with little uplift. This bra lends itself to a more “natural” silhouette, meaning it’s a rather pointy shape. 

This bra does not have the immediate projection I need, but it does have a good amount of projection at the apex if that’s what you need. The straps are fully adjustable and wonderfully narrow. The band is a standard 30 band I’d say, not particularly stretchy or firm. 

Bottom line is I definitely recommend this bra no matter whether you’re full on top or full on bottom as long as you’re okay with less uplift and a more pointy shape under a shirt. 


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