Cleo Lucy Review 

I think everyone in the full-bust bra work has heard of the Cleo Lucy. It’s very consistently recommended to those who are new to full-bust bras and to those who have a full on bottom shape. 

The Cleo Lucy is a mesh, three part balconette bra. This bra features two hooks (at least in this size) and fully adjustable straps. My Cleo Lucy is a size 28G.

I must say that the monochrome Lucys don’t catch my eye at all, but I find this color way gorgeous! 

Here’s how the Lucy fits on me. 

I’ve gained a little bit of weight since I first got this bra, and now the band is too tight on me. But when I was a true 28 band, I still noticed that the Lucy has the typical firm Cleo band. 

Although the design is beautiful, the way the Lucy is cut does not work for my tall roots. I believe that the bubbling is due to my tall roots, combined with a lack of projection at the wire. I’m full on bottom, but my tall roots make me functionally even shaped, which doesn’t work with this bra. The wires don’t sit in my imf, so if you are quite projected this bra might not be your best fit. 

Bottom line: if you are less than moderatly projected, have short roots, and are full on bottom then Lucy could be the girl for you. Otherwise, Cleo has many other balconettes that work for a variety of different shapes! 


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