Indie Etsy Lingerie Gems- Part 2

I just love looking through indie designers’ lingerie lines, not all of them are suitable for full busts but I just love pretty lingerie! Here’s some more of the nicest lingerie I’ve found on Etsy. 

Handmade by Elma

Elma’s Shop has some really wonderful lace and silk pieces, and I’m so in love with the shape of the Kitri bralette, I think it could work for a fuller bust. And the Medora camisole set is so elegant. This shop speaks to the lace lover in me. 

Dottie’s Delights

Ruffles! Pastels! Vintage silhouettes! Positively lovely! 

Fairytales by Angela Freidman

Angela Freidman is one of my favorite indie designers, and her brand is gorgeous with classic elegant designs with silk and lace. Her Fairytales lines is right up my alley, with sheer pastel styles. 

Lingerie JBC

Stappy bralettes with cupsizes up to a US G! So rare! 

Flash You and Me

This brand has some awesome layering going on in their pictures! Their pieces can be used to layer over each other and create a really unique ensemble. 


The brand’s comfy lingerie is made with materials like wool, organic cotton, and cashmere. I’m totally lusting over that cashmere bodysuit! 

Hope you saw something you liked from one of these shops!


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