Ewa Michalak S Satine Review

Hi everyone! I just received a new bra today and I thought, why not make it my first post hiatus review? 

I got my S Satine in 70FF, which in UK terms is 32FF. I usually wear 30FF. Ewa Michalak’s bands run tight, so I can wear the 70 band on the second tightest hook and be fine. Also I like to size up a cup in Ewa bras. I’d say my best Ewa size is 65G. 

I got this bra second hand (at a total steal) and you can tell it’s well loved, so please excuse the condition. 

The S style is a padded balconette that comes complete with cookie pockets. 

Here’s how it fit. 

(Please ignore the mess on my bed) Great cakes on a plate cleavage! The wires are a tiny bit below my IMF but it’s no issue. Look at that cute charm! Sometimes I find that EM bras have straps that chafe my underarms due to being wideset, but the straps are very comfy on the Satine.

You can see a bit of an issue here, there’s a lot of breast tissue by my armpit that’s not contained. 


Ewa Michalak is known for their narrow wires, you can see that here. If you like low armpit coverage this bra is definitely for you, but I personally could use more. I’ve recently realized that I have tall roots, so I prefer taller cups on the side. If you have short roots this should work very well.

Apart from the low armpit coverage I love the fit of this bra. It’s quite comfortable, looks great, and the cups are the perfect depth for my projection. 


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