Fantasie Susanna Review

Holy moly I’m doing a new review, it’s been forever! 

So this is a bra that I’ve had pictures of for a while, but I never got around to writing a review. It’s time to change that. 

When I first got into bra fitting, the Fantasie Susanna was the first bra I tried on that “fit.” Because of this, I spent a year feeling attached to the style, although I never owned it. A while ago I went to Nordstrom and saw a fantasie Susanna in my size. My heart swelled, and I tried it on.


I tried the Susanna in my standard size, 30FF. I know a lot more about bra for now, and the Susanna really isn’t a great for me as I remember. 

Immediately I noticed that the materials are a little scratchy. The lace isn’t very soft, which was disappointing. The band was nice and firm but overall this isn’t a comfortable bra, especially with such a high gore. 

The Susanna is a side support bra, as you can see here. It does offer more support, but I still didn’t get much uplift. 

The wires sit way bellow my IMF and the cups are buckling under the weight of my projected breasts. The wires are also significantly too wide for me. 

Here it is under a shirt. I personally don’t like the shape it gives. 

Going back to the Susanna was very disappointing for me! The materials being scratchy and the unsupported shape were big letdowns for me!



One thought on “Fantasie Susanna Review

  1. It doesn’t support you, becouse there are no cups. I had bought such bra and after one year metal parts broken the fabric so I was scratched. Such bras don’t great variant I think. And if the lace don’t soft, I advice you not to buy such thing. It may be as copy of brend, as bad brand.


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