Praise for Aerie Undies!

Hey everyone! I know I usually blog about bras, but today I want to talk about the bottom half of my lingerie!

I’d say a good 90% of my underwear is from Aerie. I go for their 7 for $27.50 underwear deal several times a year. They have a really huge range of materials and styles, and i love that their advertisements show smiling girls looking happy and comfortable.

Here are some of my favorite styles of Aerie undies!

boy brief
Aerie Logo Boybrief in Black

These tomboy boybriefs are one of my favorite pairs of underwear. I love how even though Aerie tends to have a young, girly aesthetic, they aren’t afraid to put out more androgynous pieces!

Aerie Vintage Lace Bikini
Aerie Vintage Lace Boybrief
Aerie Vintage Lace Cheeky
Aerie Vintage Lace Thong

I own each style in their vintage lace collection in several different colors. To name a few, I own styles in cream lace, blue lace, black lace, orange lace, red lace and more. The lace styles are a good choice for people who aren’t as big a fan of Aerie’s girlier cotton styles. The lace is soft and fits very well, plus there are tons of color options!

Aerie Cheeky

Aerie’s cotton cheekies are super flattering, and any Aerie style with a lace waistband is extra comfortable!

thon 2
Aerie Thong

Aerie’s cotton thongs are very comfortable, and I like that they have some cute patterned thongs too. I’m a big fan of this particular style’s bright pink bow.

Aerie Boybrief

This navy pair of boybriefs is one of my favorite pairs of underwear. It’s very comfortable, and I love the dark mature color combined with the girls details.

Do you have a trusted undie brand?




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