Sultry Wishlist

Hey everyone! So lately, I’ve been branching from my girly lingerie aesthetic to a darker, more describe aesthetic, and I think my Wishlist demonstrates that. So here are some sultry pieces I’ve been lusting over!

This is the Juliet bra by Playful Promises, and I’m enamored with it. You don’t see this sort of style for full busts very often!

Playful Promises also has this gorgeous Cordellia bra. A red bra? With lace? Be still my heart. 

The Scantily Pounce set doesn’t seem to be in stock in many places, but damn did I not expect to love an animal print set this much. 

 Another Scantily design, this one is called Invitation. I love the cutout details on the panty and the halfcup shape!

How gorgeous is Gossard’s VIP Desire bustier bra set? It’s on clearance, so if you like it don’t wait!

This is the Siren Silk lingerie set from Etsy brand AmericanGrace, and I have plans to make it my first indie lingerie purchase. I love the black lace combined with the teal! 

So that’s my Wishlist! Anyone have any lifetime purchases planned for Valentine’s Day?



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