Freya Hero Review

So if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I don’t get along with Freya. Cups and band are usually too big, and I’m not the biggest fan of their designs. 

The same day I tried on the Fantasie Mae, I also tried the Freya Hero in a 30FF.  I was surprised at how well it fit!

Freya Hero is a three part balconette with side support. The band was still loose, but not as loose as it usually is. It was comfortable on the second hook. 

 Cups are true to size. Usually I need to go down cup size in Freya balconettes. This bra is better suited for full on bottom shapes because the top band of the cup cuts in a little on my upper fullness. 

This was a comfortable bra that allowed for my projection. The gore didn’t feel like it came up too high and it didn’t dig in. The shape this bra gives is pretty normal for Freya which is uplifted but pointy and projected.

It doesn’t look that great under clothes but I still like the pointy look. It usually means there’s enough projection in the bra for me.

Honestly my main problem with this bra is the aesthetics. It just isn’t really an attractive style to me.  The mesh and silver details put me off. I like my bras to make me feel good, and I didn’t get that from the Hero. 

It is a good fit though, so if the hero is your style and you’re full on bottom I’d say go for it!



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