Fantasie Mae Review 

I was trying on some full-bust styles in Nordstrom, and the Fantasie Mae caught my eye immediately. Black halfcup with velvet detailing and lace trim? It’s a gorgeous design that reminds one of French lingerie.

Fantasie Mae is a padded halfcup with three hooks in the back. I tried mine in a 30G, which was my best fit. 

The second picture is bright on purpose so you can see all the details. I loved wearing this bra so much I didn’t want to take it off! It feels very luxe, and is very comfortable.  The band is firm, but not unpleasantly so. 

You can see that the cup has moderate armpit coverage, which I personally prefer. But it’s not uncomfortable or pinchy.

You can see the cup is too shallow and wide for me, and the gore doesn’t quite tack, but despite that, I’ve never felt like a halfcup fit me this well. I don’t get any of the gaping I usually get with padded styles. The cups fit me really well, and I’m very projected so half cups are usually a very wonky fit on me.   

It looks great under a tank top! It has a very high, round shape.

I love this bra, and if it were in my budget I’d but the whole set without a second thought. Keep an eye out for this gorgeous halfcup!



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