Fantasie Rebecca Review

Here’s an embarrassing confession: the real reason I was so adamant about getting this bra is because my name is Rebecca too! 

  The Fantasie Rebecca is a full-coverage molded bra with spacer fabric. I got mine in a 30FF. 


The bra has some interesting embroidery. 

I love how the spacer fabric feels. Usually when I wear molded cups I feel like the padding is so think that the shape of my boobs makes no difference, but this spacer fabric does conform to my chest more. It’s very comfortable and soft. 

You can also see how much coverage this bra gives. The gore goes up high and was too wide for my close set breasts. 



This bra gives a natural shape with a bit of roundness. You can see by the space at the bottom of the cup that it’s a bit lacking in projection for me. The wires are wider than I need too. The band is nice and firm. 

Although it was too wide and shallow for a perfect fit, I do like wearing this bra under my t-shirts, or when I feel like I want less rigid padding. If you can get enough use out of a bra with that much coverage then I recommend trying it!




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