Hidden Lingerie Gems on Etsy-Part One

Hey everyone!

So I’ve been looking into investing in some lovely lounge wear that I can wear around the house and feel good in, and my search led me to Etsy. I’ve been scrolling through Etsy lingerie for the past week, and I’ve found what look like some really nice designers!

This is a long picture heavy post so I’m breaking it into two parts. Here’s part one, which has lots of lovely stores! I haven’t personally ordered from any of these places, but their designs and quality really appeal to me. None of the brands know anything about this post, I just spend a lot of time looking at lingerie.

This is going to be a mix of lounge wear and underwear, and I’ll start with a lounge wear shop.

Sandmaiden’s Sleepwear

Sandmaiden’s Sleepwear is a shop that impressed me very much. They have a large range of loungewear, including bralettes, robes, pj sets, chemises and more.

Sandmaiden’s Sleepwear bamboo Cathedral camisole and sleep panties

I especially love their range of materials. They work with wool, linen, lace, silk, and some wonderfully sheer mesh.

Sheer Lingerie Set with Babydoll Chemise and full-back panty

They have a very large inventory too, which is impressive!

Julie K Lingerie

Another shop that I really like is Julie K Lingerie.

Julie K Lingerie Vicky Bra

I love that they have longline bralettes, and I love the amount of variety in their designs. You can find black bralettes and bottoms with intricate edgy lace, but you can also find more “feminine” styles, like their adorable rose bra.


Rose bra by Julie K lingerie

One the Inside

On the Inside is another great shop. They have a great range of cute, comfy bamboo cotton bralettes, but they also have some gorgeous sophisticated sheer lacy designs.

On the Inside Bamboo Teal Bra with French Lace

I think the piece that I’m lusting after the most is this gorgeous camisole set. They really make some amazing camis.

On the Inside Gray Polkadot Camisole

Sugar Lace Lingerie

If you’re someone who can appreciate sweet and adorable styles, then you’ll love Sugar Lace Lingerie.

Sugar Lace Lingerie Ruffle Babydolls
Sugar Lace Lingerie Peach Dream Soft Bra

Some days, I want to look sexy. Some days I want to look cool. Sugar Lace’s styles are for those days when I just want to twirl and flounce and look like a doll.


This next one I found thanks to my friend The Petite Collegiate’s latest wishlist.

ParaNoire Asteria harness and Rhea panty set

ParaNoire struck me as being very unique. Their bondage inspired pieces, such as the Asteria harness, are wonderful, but they also sell some lovely lace panties and delicate bralettes.

ParaNoire Syl+Syrian set

Kayleigh Peddie

Another shop that does strappy details in a really attractive way is Kayleigh Peddie.

Kayleigh Peddie Frances bodysuit

They exclusively work in black, gray, or white, and many of their designs either feature strap details, like the Frances style, or artsy cut outs, like the Ollie.

Kayleigh Peddie Ollie cut out bra

Their basics are really nice too. The model in the Ollie photo is also wearing their high waisted mesh thong, which I love.


So those are some of my favorite Etsy shops! This is also what I’ve been working on for the past two weeks. I promise I’ll have more full-bust reviews up soon! I hope you liked this post even though its something different. Let me know if there were any shops that caught your interest!



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