Parfait Charlotte Review

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been slow to post, I’ve been out with a concussion. 

But anyway, guess what I got my hands on? A bra I’ve been lusting over for months! 

 The Parfait Charlotte is a padded style with 4 (!!!) hooks and thick straps. I heard the Charlotte ran small in the cups, so I sized up to a 28GG.

  I just love the look of this bra! The peach color way is my favorite. 

You can see that the Charlotte has a pretty high gore that’s also wide. The sides of the cups are also very tall.  The padding on the Charlotte is thick and foam like. You can definitely tell you’re wearing it.  

As much as I love the look of this bra, it didn’t work for my projected, close set, evenly full breasts. 

The fit is okay on my smaller boob. The cups are too shallow so the wires sit low, and the cups are wide. Also, the wide back band gives me some back bulge. There’s some slight cutting in as well. The black upper  band is really unforgiving on upper fullness.

My right boob is a bit larger than the left, and I get some nasty quadding. To avoid quadding I’d have to wear a 28H, which is a size that I’ve never had to wear before. 

I’d say full on top gals should skip this style.



One thought on “Parfait Charlotte Review

  1. Hi, Becky!

    A shame it didn’t worked, since you were lusting over it for so long…

    I too fell for a Charlotte, about a year ago, but the 28FF was ridiculously small…I would need a 28G or perhaps a 28GG! It’s too damn shallow! 😦 Currently trying to sell it!

    Nevertheless it’s indeed a gorgeous bra!

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider


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