Panache Sienna Review

 I’m a pretty big fan of Panache. Their Tango and Andorra plunges are my most comfortable bras, and I’ve heard great things about their stretch lace styles. 
The Sienna is an unlined balconette with a partial band and an upper lace section. I heard it ran small, so I got mine in a 30G. 

 I love this bra’s design! The lace is actually a dark navy blue, and it looks so great over the maroon.

Unfortunately the fit was a disaster. 


At first glance, it doesn’t look all that bad. But once I scoop and swoop, everything goes wrong.     

 When I try to put the wires in my IMF I get underboob spillage. 

And some bad quadding. The lace in the Sienna doesn’t have much stretch.     

If you’ve ever wondered what too wide wires look like, see above. Look at all that wrinkly empty space. And look how low the wires are sitting. 

This bra didn’t work for me, but I have seen lots of other positive reviews. Skip the sienna if you are very projected like me, but maybe more shallow breasts will get a nice shape here!



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