Quick Review- Parfait Kimberly

I haven’t owned this bra for a while and  I bought it in a weird size so this going to be a quick review.  
Parfait Kimberly is a padded demi style with three hooks on the back band. The band is pretty sick and almost felt like a long line when I wore it. Aesthetically I think it’s gorgeous! The black and white pinstripes are very old-school cool I love the little portrait charm on the gore.

I got this in a 32G because the band and the cups were supposed to run small. It fits more like a 30G for sure. 

So clearly this didn’t fit. The cups are too shallow but also they gape at the top where they meet the straps and the inner section by the gore. The gore doesn’t even try to tack. 

Even though it doesn’t fit I almost kept it. I would’ve kept it for the look of it if it hadn’t taken up so much room in my lingerie drawer. The padding is just too thick and it doesn’t store well. 

It didn’t fit, but it’s still a killer design, and I can definitely appreciate that.



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