Freya Ooh La La Review

Unfortunately, Freya and I have the tendency to not get along. They’re probably the most popular full bust bra out there, but I’ve tried several different styles (including the popular deco and patsy half cup) and none of them have worked for me. This cycle continues with the ooh la la plunge balcony bra, unfortunately.

I got my Ooh La La in a 30FF. The Ooh La La is a sheer unlined style with three part cups. I think that visually, this bra is gorgeous! I love how sheer it is, and the light color.

One of my biggest problems with Freya is their bands. They run large as well as being very stretchy. I measure 28.5 inches under my bust but I’m usually more comfortable in 30 bands if they’re true 30s. I had to wear the ooh la la on the tightest hook immediately because the band was so loose and stretchy. Definitely size down in the band.

(WARNING: I’ve done my best to blur the details but this bra is very sheer and will show every bit of your nipples) 

bra 1
bra 2bra 3

bra 6.jpg
The Freya Ooh La La is great for immediate projection, which I have a lot of. The cups run a little large, and before my breasts grew to the large end of a 28G the top section was very baggy. Even with the slight growth in my breasts the top section isn’t the best. It sort of lays flat and doesn’t do any sort of shaping, and it would cut into FOT breasts for sure. The shape from the side is uplifted and slightly pointy.

In truth the reason I swapped this bra was just because it was so damn uncomfortable! The gore tacked so hard it was painful and left terrible red marks. The gore stabbed me when I tried moving the wires any further into my IMF, and something about where the wires sit hurt my ribs. The upper mesh section of the cup cut into my armpits and chafed too.

I’m really bummed this style didn’t work for me, but I still have hope that I’ll one day discover a Freya model that fits!



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