Cleo Maddie Review

Damn, do I love Cleo.   

The Cleo Maddie is a molded t-shirt bra with a half-cup cut. I got my Cleo Maddie in my usual Cleo size of 30FF. My under bust measures 28.5 inches so I can usually do either 28 bands or 30, but Cleo bands are very firm. The band on the Maddie is firm as I’d expected, and has two hooks and fully adjustable straps. 

As much as I love how this bra makes my breasts look, I have to admit there are some fit issues. The cups are meant for shallow breasts and I’m projected, which means the wide gore floats over my breast tissue and the wires sit low. Also there’s gaping at the top most section of the cup where the straps meet it. 

It’s not a perfect fit technically, but damn if I don’t love it! I reach for it every time I wear a scoop neck tee, it’s invisible under shirts but gives great cakes on a plate cleavage! 

Plus I find the bra super comfortable, and I feel very supported in it despite the lower coverage! I’m a big fan of the full band Cleo used for this style. 

Definitely recommended if you’re going for the cakes on a plate look!



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