Cleo Lily Review

Let me start off by sayin that the Cleo Lily may be my favorite bra ever, and that Cleo is for sure my favorite brand of all time.  Just so you know what you’re getting into here, I adore this bra and hopefully this review explains why well enough. 

The Cleo Lily is a balconette bra made with very strong mesh. It has very deep cups, a full band, and two hooks. I got my Lily in a 30FF.

I have projected, even leaning low on bottom, close-set breasts and this bra just works for me.

This bra is very supportive, and it brings my breasts front and center. It’s definitely a projected look rather than minimized. 

The band is firm like all Cleo bands I’ve tried. I quite like it. Also the gore goes up high but is also quite narrow, so it doesn’t sit on breast tissue even though my breasts are close set.

The wires are a little wider than I need, but I’d still call them narrow. The bra is also cut low in the armpit, which I appreciate! 

Here’s how it looks under a shirt.


I love the uplifted profile! I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with shallow or full on top breasts as the material doesn’t mold very well to upper fullness. But I can’t recommend the Lily to FOB projected girls enough!



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