September Wishlist

How is it September already? As we go into Autumn, I find that my wishlist is mostly light colors and lacy pieces.

Tutti Rouge Beatrice

This bra kind of reminds me of Bravissimo’s Satine, a style I adore. I’ve been really interested in finding a nice cream set to compliment my tan skin lately too, and this is such a pretty option!

images (1)
Cleo Marcie in raspberry

I already own and love a Cleo Marcie, but this colorway is just to die for!

All Undone Didi Balconette
All Undone Didi Balconette

Normally I’m pretty girly when it comes to lingerie, but sometimes a girl just wants to look cool. I love how sleek this set looks, and navy and black is such a striking color combination. Plus that suspender belt is to die for!

Cleo Melissa

I used to own a Cleo Melissa but I had to swap it because the band was too small. I miss it so much! The cups were perfect and the print is so cute.

Adina Reay Ava bra in graphite
Adina Reay Ava bra in graphite

This is so far out of my price range it’s not even funny, but look how gorgeous this bra is! I love seeing full-busted luxury lingerie brands.

Eberjay Golden Girl bralette
Eberjay Golden Girl bralette

I’m probably too busty for this to look cute on me, but I’ve been in the market for a bralette to sleep in, and I fell in love with this delicate style! The lace! The color! so cute.

Heidi Klum Intimates Valerie
Heidi Klum Intimates Valerie

This does not come in my size at all, the lowest band is a 32 and the highest cup is DD, but holy moly look at this beauty! The eyelash lace is stunning, and I love the color!

Simone Perele velvet seamed sheer bodysuit
Simone Perele velvet seamed sheer bodysuit

This probably wouldn’t fit me because it only comes in small, medium, and large. My bust is always a large but the rest of me is a small. But look at it, it’s amazing. I love the sheer lace cups.

Evollove Night Sky longline balconette bra
Evollove Night Sky longline balconette bra

Black lace! Who doesn’t feel amazing in black lace?

Freya Sweat Dreams chemise
Freya Sweat Dreams chemise

This isn’t as pretty as most of the other pieces on this wishlist, but the sort of sporty edge this chemise has really appeals to me. It looks super comfy too!

That’s all for September!



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