Ewa Michalak Sm Trefl review

Wow, my first Polish bra review! And I’ve only had this bra for half a year before I finally did a review for it, oops. 

I got my Sm Trefl in a 32F because someone was selling it for super cheap and it’s my sister size. The band seemed to run small actually, as I could wear it on the second hook just fine. 

From what I’m gathered the SM style is  an unpadded plunge for larger breasts. 

Look at that pretty lace! 




So I have very projected breasts with narrow roots, and this is one of the few bras that doesn’t have a huge dent from my projection, meaning the cups are deep enough! And look at those lovely narrow wires. The bra is also cut very low in the armpit, and I know some people need that. 

It does seem like the bra might be a little small on my firmer right breast, so this bra is probably more suitable for softer breasts.


You can see this bra adds some gentle cleavage. Usually with my larger breasts unpadded plunges feel unsupportive, but I feel like the SM Trefl manages to be an unpadded plunge style and very supportive. 

Also, the black lace is a total confidence booster! I know the SM Trefl is on clearance right now on the EM website, so if they have your size I encourage you to try it!




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