New Bravissimo Colorways I’m Loving!

Hey everyone! So I was on the Bravissimo site today, and I found some gorgeous new colorways of established styles, and I wanted to share my favorites! Not all of these are exclusive to Bravissimo, but all of them can be found there.

Cleo Minne in navy
Cleo Minne in navy

Look at the contrasting yellow trim! Oh my God! It’s amazing! Navy can be such a grown up color, but the yellow accents makes this colorway very youthful

Panache Jasmine in abstract print

I need the Jasmine. I’ve been wanting a Jasmine for the better part of a year, and this gorgeous print just makes me want it more!

Freya Rio in Jade
Freya Rio in Jade

I’ll be totally honest and say that the Freya Rio has never struck me as a particularly attractive bra, but this is a stunning color. I love emerald and jade lingerie!

Bravissimo Candy Bliss in Nude
Bravissimo Candy Bliss in Nude
Bravissimo candy bliss in black
Bravissimo candy bliss in black

Bravissimo also came out with some nice basic colorway options for their lovely Candy Bliss bra! I love that this bra now comes in neutral colors, and the printed colorways are adorable too!

Of course these aren’t all the new colorways Bravissimo is carrying, just my personal favorites. You can see all the new styles and colorways they’re carrying here!

Any color trends you’re hoping to see next year?


PS as I was typing in my tags for this post I realized the pun behind the name Bravissimo. It took me months.


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