Change Lingerie: Sofia Padded Bra Review

Change is a Scandinavian brand that doesn’t seem to be very well known, but according to bratabase the Sofia is their most popular style. I got my Sofia in the size 65H, which is the European equivalent of 30FF.


The Sofia has some very pretty details, and it’s a nice nude color. It’s a padded half cup with vertical seams.

Here’s how it (didn’t) fit on me.  


This bra is all wrong for me unfortuanately. The cups were so shallow that it forced the wire an inch below my IMF. These cups really are meant for shallow breasts with wide roots, and I don’t fit that description at all. The gore floated and sat on breast tissue at the same time. At least the band was true to size! 

Definitely give this bra a pass if you’re projected!



6 thoughts on “Change Lingerie: Sofia Padded Bra Review

  1. It’s a shame that they’re so shallow, I used to wear only change bras for years becayse they were the only available sort of fitting bras I could afford, and let me tell you – they’re real work horses! Several of them I wore every day and machine washed and the ONLY thing that showed the wear and wash was that the colour faded somewhat! The bands were still as tight two years later as when I bought them!


      1. Yeah I think the actual brand is Danish, but they’re sold in department stores in Canada? I just know that to my Canadian friends it’s a household name. Here in the states though they clearly don’t sell much.


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