Bravissimo Alana Review

The Bravissimo Alana balconette is the best selling bra in the brand’s range. It comes in many different colors, and it goes up to an L cup (in a 32 band and up), which is very impressive! Most of the time it is hard to find bras that go up to H cups, so kudos on the sizing. 

I got my Alana in the hot pink colorway, in a size 28G.  


 I really like this bra’s design. I personally think it’s difficult to make a unicolor bra interesting, but Bravissimo managed it. The bra has pretty bow details, satiny straps, scalloped edging and a cool geometric lace pattern on the upper section of the cup. It’s simple, but it’s also not boring like a lot of unicolor balconettes are. 

Unfortunately, Alana and I were not meant to be.  


For the sake of this explanation let’s break the upper mesh section into two halves, the upper half with the square patten, and the lower stripe half. The lower half is very baggy on me, and there’s a lot of space left there. But the upper half of the mesh comes in tightly at an extreme angle, which leads to: 

This weird shape right here. Kind of like a b shape, except slanted in the other direction. To be honest, the upper mesh section is baffling and I don’t know who it would work for. If you’re full on top the top of the mesh would cut in, and if you’re full on bottom the lower section of the mesh is too roomy. 

The shape just seems off under a shirt. 

Another problem I had was the gore. It’s a very high gore, and it did dig in on me. I couldn’t adjust the wires to sit right in my IMF because if I made the bra sit higher the gore would just stab me right in the sternum. 

One thing I do like about this bra is that it does allow for a lot of projection, which I need. I just wish the top section didn’t come in so tightly! Back to the drawing board for me.

If you want to shop Bravissimo, click here to see more 28G bras!



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