Underworks Ultimate Chest Binder Tank Review

Hi everyone! I have a different sort of review today. 

A few weeks back, I bought myself a binder for my breasts. Binders are compression tops meant to flatten the chest. They’re usually used by trans men or men with gynecomastia.

I don’t fall into either of these categories. I have anxiety and I’ve suffered some sexual abuse, and I wanted a compression top because I thought it would feel comforting and the size of my breasts contributes to some PTSD anxiety. 

This is the binder I ordered. 

The sizing was kind of tricky because I have large breasts, and you buy these tanks based on your chest measurement. I knew if it fit my chest it would swim around my waist. But I ended up ordering a medium tank.  



It did swim around my waist and was very very long originally, so I cut enough inches off the bottom that it ended at my hips. 

The material is strong but comfortable too! The sleeves are too loose and don’t sit flat against my shoulders. Basically it’s too big everywhere but my chest. Big boob problems. 

It works really well! I end up almost completely flat, but I can breathe just fine. I do get some annoying cleavage at the top of the tank which would be a problem if I was using this binder because I was trans. 


My chest looks almost completely flat when I wear the binder!  

For reference this is what my chest normally looks like in a t-shirt. 

I recommend this binder because of how well it works and how comfortable it is! 


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