Why I Do +2

So I know there’s been a bit of a controversy in the bra blogger community on the +0 vs +2 vs +4 bra band sizing, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on why I size up to a 30 band. 

My under bust measurement is 28.5 inches, which means true 28 bands will be too tight on me. For example, unless the band has been stretched quite a bit (if the bra was secondhand for example) Cleo 28 bands are too tight. 

My ideal underband will measure 29 inches stretched. I am very sensitive to the way clothing feels on me, and if I go any tighter than that I’m usually uncomfortable. 

Also, I’m between a size 28G and 28GG right now, and I’m very projected so often I go up a cup to get more depth. A lot of styles only go up to G cups in all band sizes, so there’s a much better chance of me getting my hands on the bra I want in a 30G than a 28GG.

Also, honestly, some styles just don’t come in 28 bands, which is a pain. Ideally I’d wear a 28G or GG but it’s just harder to find.

Sometimes size 30 bands stretch to 31 inches and they’re too big, and then they don’t offer size 28 bands. It’s really annoying! I can wear true 30 bands with no problem but if they run large then I’m SOL. 

So basically my reasons for using +2 are really just availability and comfort. 


One thought on “Why I Do +2

  1. I think a lot of women on the smaller end of the band spectrum tend to add inches because of comfort (and retailers being assholes and not stocking our sizes). I’ve heard that women on the upper end of the size spectrum often subtract inches. So overall: sizing is too weird for any one rule to apply to everyone.


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