Freya Ivy Longline review

Hi everyone! I’m not quite back from my vacation, but I’ve got some wifi and a back log of pictures. 

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the bra while it’s off and I’ve since swapped it, so I’ll start with a fit picture to show what we’re dealing with.

The Ivy Longline by Freya has padded half cups and a longline band. It has six hooks in the back. I bought my Freya Ivy longline in 30FF. 

I love the design of this bra. The red trim and accents against the dark colors are really pretty!  

Here are some more pictures of the fit. 


You can see that I had a lot of fit problems. First of all the band was very loose and rode up in the back. The band even flipped up and was too loose to stay in its long line shape. 

The cups were not the right shape for my projected breasts. Even though my firmer right breast is bursting out of the cup, I still get gaping towards the inner part of the cup. The overall cup depth is fine, but I need more immediate projection. Also one cup had some weird bunching lace. 

Also the gore is too wide for my close set breasts, sits on tissue, and doesn’t tack. 

Basically go down a band size, go up a cup size of you have very firm breasts, and avoid if you have a lot of projection. 


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