Freya Minx Review

So I was at Nordstrom the other day (which is the only retailer I know of that sells Freya in the states) trying on some newer styles. I came across the Freya Minx, which is an interesting bra to say the least.  


The Minx is an unlined three part balconette bra. This bra looks too busy to me. It’s cornflower blue with animal print with bows with lace with that funky gore with those back band strapped details. There’s just too much put into one bra. 

Plus it only has one hook! One! That’s absurd! Victoria’s Secret bras have more hooks than that! What were they thinking?

Here are some fit pictures.  


You can see how big the cups are here.   

Just wanted to show the gore.    

Look at all the empty fabric I can pull up at the top of the cups!

These cups run huge! I’m between a 30FF and 30G and the 30FF Minx was very big on me. The upper lace section wrinkled very dramatically. 

This bra was not for me. I wasn’t a fan of the design, the single hook, or the fit. 



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