Cleo Jude Review

Hey everyone! I thought it would make more sense to publish the Jude review before my Frya Deco review, because the Jude works for me so I can use it as  an example of how I’d want a molded plunge bra to fit. I bought this nude Jude in 30FF over Amazon.


The Jude has molded cups and an extremely thin gore. It has light pink ribbon on the ends of the cup. 

The only thing I don’t like about the design is that the light pink ribbon glows through a thin shirt. The cups are invisible even under my most see through shirt, but you can see the ribbon through a white v-neck. I’m going to cut it off, because it’s cute but it just isn’t as functional. Plus it adds a funny texture to an otherwise smooth seam. 

Here are some pictures of the fit!  


I really like the fit on me. I will say that the top of the cut is very stiff, and I get a teensy-bit of cutting in that would probably be very dramatic on fuller on top boobs. I’m more even fullness now, but when I was full on bottom I didn’t get cutting in at all, so I’d say this bra isn’t for full on top boobs.  

The band is firm the way Cleo bands usually are. 


Look! It doesn’t gape when I slouch! 

Here’s what it look like through my most see through shirt.  


You can see what I mean about the lace glowing. But the cups themselves are almost invisible! 

This bra doesn’t give much cleavage, but I’m a big fan of the lack of gaping that I usually get with padded cups. I definitely recommend this as a great t-shirt bra option for FOB or evenly full boobs. 


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