Recent changes in breast shape

Hi! So when I first got into bras I definitely had full on bottom breasts, and my favorite bras for my shape were the Cleo Lily, Panache Andorra Plunge, Freya Balconette plunges in 30F, and the Bravissimo Wild at Heart padded plunge. 

Three weeks ago I got a terrible stomach bug. I lost five pounds in one day of sickness! I also noticed that my breasts got a bit smaller after I was sick.

So when I got better I obviously gained some of that back, and my breast went back to their original size. But what’s weird (and annoying) is that they definitely changed shape!

My left breast is a bit larger, but it’s very very soft. Instead of being obviously I’ll on bottom it’s more evenly full, with a touch more bottom fullness than upper fullness.

My right breast is rounder and quite a bit firmer, and instead of being full on bottom it actually leans more evenly full with a touch more upper fullness!

It’s very interesting to see the difference in fit with these shape changes! I quad out of the Freya balconettes in 30F, and my firmer breast spills out of the plunges! The Cleo Lilly fits a bit odd now, I’m going to review it soon so you can see what I mean.

I hope my reviews are still helpful!



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