June Lingerie Wishlist

Happy June everyone! Here are some lovely pieces of lingerie that I’ve been eyeing lately. 

The panache Andorra full cup has been on my list for a while now. I own the plunge version of this bra and it is so comfortable! Plus I love all the different colors it comes in and how well it works with my projection.  


More panache! I’ve heard some really great things about the Jasmine’s fit, and I’m lusting after it something fierce. The current jaguar print color way is really cool, but I also love the older pink paisley print.  


The Masquerade Orla unpadded half cup is so elegant looking. Check out those uplifting verticle seams and gorgeous eggplant color.   


The Freya Gem also comes in an unpadded half cup version. I love the black and pink, it’s so cute! And I love the pattern at the top of the cups.  

I’m not sure the Cleo Marcie would fit my full on bottom boobs, but damn that set is cute. 

I owned a Cleo Melissa that fit me perfectly in the cups, but the band was too small so I had to sell it. I miss it!

Does anyone have any new items on their Wishlist?


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