Freya Jungle Fever Plunge Balcony Bra Review

So a while ago when I was desperately searching through Nordstrom Rack for bras that might have a chance at fitting me, I stumbled upon the Freya Jungle Fever in 32E. First of all, I thought it was kind of ugly. Second of all I was looking for size 30FF. But I was so desperate I just bought the Jungle Fever knowing it wasn’t my size. Actually, the cups ran large and fit me fine, the only reason I had to swap it was because of the loose band.

So here are my thoughts on the Freya Jungle Fever, that bra I grabbed when I was desperate. 

The Jungle Fever is a sheer plunge balconette with three part cups.  The cups run a bit less than a cup size large, but the band is true to size.  

Close up of the embroidery

  What the pattern of the cup looks like over bare skin.

 More opaque zebra print pattern on the band and straps.

And that’s what it looks like on.

Before I get into fit really need to discuss the aesthetics of this bra. I think this bra has way too much going on and looks tacky as a result. The sheer animal print could’ve been really cool, but combined with the bright pink bows AND the silver embroidery AND the opaque print on the wings and straps,  I think it looks cheap. I really don’t like it aesthetics wise.

But I’ve always been a fan of Freya’s plunge balcony bras fit wise. They tend to run large in the cups, but they’re a great fit for my projected full on bottom breasts. Freya plunge balconette always give me great support and uplift, and this bra is no different.

Bottom line? Freya’s plunge balcony bras are great, but the brand has much prettier plunge balcony bras than the Jungle Fever. 


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