Panache Tango II Plunge Review

I’ve had this bra for a while now. The tango is a pretty well-known range in Panache’s lineup of bras, and I actually own the Tango Accenti too. I purchased the Tango II Plunge in Tea Rose and a size 30FF.

Aesthetically, Panache is not my favorite brand. I prefer more youthful prints and colors. Plus the bands are less firm than I’m used to, so a 30 band feels less supportive than a 30 Freya band. 

The tango plunge has three sections in its cup and some leafy embroidery. I like the tea rose color, but I still think this bra isn’t all that interesting. I do like how the top of the cup is just a smooth seam, it makes for an easier fit and an easier time wearing this bra under my clothes. Unfortunately the embroidery shows through thinner tight shirts, which can be annoying.

Here are some pictures of how this bra fits. 

From the front you can see that his bra doesn’t give the usual plunge bra cleavage. It doesn’t really give any cleavage at all, which is good if you want to wear a dipping neckline but don’t want too much cleavage. 


This bra gives a projected, natural shape. There’s not as much lift as I’d like, but this bra is comfortable enough that I’d be okay grabbing it on days when I’m just lounging around the house or doing errands. There’s some wrinkling in the bottom of the cups, which I think is due to the way my boobs settle in the cups and don’t get enough lift to keep the fabric from folding. 

Here are pictures of the tango plunge under a shirt.  


This bra doesn’t give the best shape. It’s more of a basic everyday bra than a bra you wear on a night out. It isn’t as supportive as most of my other bras, but on days when I’m feeling casual and just want my natural shape this is the bra I turn to. It’s not a powerhouse, but it is a pretty good basic. If I were to buy this bra again though, I’d go to my true size of 28G due to the stretchiness of the band. 



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