Kris Line Diamond Semi-Soft Review

You’re probably all aware of how big Polish bras are in the European lingerie scene. Kris Line isn’t as popular as Ewa Michalak or even Avacado, but it’s still an exciting new polish brand I was happy to get my hands on. 

I found a 70G diamond semi-soft for cheap, and because a 70G in EU sizes is supposed to translate to a 32F in UK sizes I thought it’d work for me.

As it turns out Kris Line doesn’t use the standard polish sizing system. They use double letters. So instead of getting the equivalent of a 32F I got a 32G. That’s at least a cup size bigger than me. The 32 band ran small and the bra fit like a 30GG when I’m usually a 30FF, maybe G. 

Even though I got the wrong size, I can still try my best to do a decent review! 

This is the diamond semi soft in their beige color. I like the color, it’s a richer tan than you usually see. It’s a sophisticated twist on a basic. 

Here’s a close up of the lovely strap details.  The straps are only half adjustable, which is kind of annoying. 

 And the top section of lace. 

This bras has two hooks on the back band. Appearance wise this is a beautiful bra. 

Fit wise is a different story. Here are fit pictures. 


 I know this bra is a size or two big on me, but I can still see some issues with the shape. The molded smooth part of the bra projects dramatically outward with a lot of space at the top, and the lace part comes in on nearly a horizontal. It leads to this bullet-like shape from the side.  


And even though the bra is big on me, the gore doesn’t tack, which is strange.  


Usually when the gore doesn’t tack it’s because the cups are too small or shallow. There’s no reason why the gore shouldn’t be tacking. Also, even though the band runs small it sits uncomfortably low on my rib cage.

Here’s some pictures of the bra under a t-shirt.


You can see the line where the smooth part of the cup is poking outwards, and the shape makes for an unattractive sillhouette from the side.  

I can’t figure out who this shape is supposed to work for. The gaping at the top of the smooth cup requires a lot of upper fullness, but the lace section would cut right into that fullness. You’re either ending up with gaping if your full on the bottom like me or quad boob.

It’s a very attractive bra, but unfortunately the shape is difficult. If I found this bra for cheap in my size I’d have to pass on it. 



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